Sunday, January 19, 2014

Impact people's life

Service term had come to an end~
After a final 24km route march, we will be posted out to different vocations in our professional term(Pro-term)
We have different types of vocation in my batch, there are Logistic, Armor, Signal & lastly which is infantry which will always be available for every batch.
I chose Signal as my first choice & Armor as my second choice & last choice which is infantry.
I do no know if how true that Permanent Resident will confirm to be posted to infantry but I just know I was posted to infantry in Bravo wings.

There was this question asked by our instructor,
are you choosing other vocation is because you really wanted to go in that vocation?
You are choosing other vocation because you wanted to get rid of infantry?
Many of the people do not like infantry because there is too much outfield & has more physical training than the other vocations that is available in my batch.
But think again, it is not that bad of what you think.
More swear in training is better than more blood in the war.
It is tough only during the cadets period, after commissioning it will be very different.
Being so confused in my common leadership term & service term due to the environment & being not motivated at all, I will not bring this attitude to my next stage in my Pro-term.

I have few things in my mind -
I MUST* have Self-confident after this 6 months
I MUST* be the one who stand out to lead
I MUST* be more focus in my training
I MUST* be super self-motivated
I MUST* be more independent
I MUST* be more hardworking
I MUST* excel in whatever task i am given to do
I MUST* make thing happen
I MUST* impact people's life

If you ever reach a stage whereby,
you questioning yourself, if what you are doing is right or wrong
That you are doing things in doubt
It show that something must be not correct
So make sure you do what is right & not choose the easiest way out
Always remember to complete what are the things you planned to do
Never do things incomplete & just leave it undone
This will lead you into a bad habit & you will always do things "HALF-FUCKED"

A lot of things happen in my relationship as well
I only know that my partner have a hard time with me but she is still doing her best working very hard in our relationship while I who is easily tired, because of tired & always use the word "TIRED" covering up all the excused I can so as not to get things done.
I should stop doing & acting what it is now
If I am tired, I am not supposed to show
I always know that my girl wanted to go out so badly when she have time for me
Always planned so many activity for me

I always know that but I never really show her that I know
It does not mean that people who do not say
People who are very quiet means that they don't know any things
There is a lot of feelings & thought inside that it couldn't know how to be express

Regardless of whatever shit there is going to happen
I won't give up on you my girl!
I Love You <3