Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend burned in Mandai Navigation

It was exercise seeker & hunter, it is to train us for Brunei Jungle Confident Course (JCC) navigation.
First day one instructor will be assigned to us to navigate to our 2 check point & 1 log point which will then give us the another two remaining check point. Total there is 5 check point plus one that is the final checkpoint.
Second day is when the instructor will leave us to navigate on our own ( So if you are lost in the mission & didn't manage to back track to your location on the map, most likely the team will be disband then to join other team for JCC )
We will be given pastor, compass, map.
It wasn't easy to track, plot your location on the map.
We lost our way in between those check point & will lost our location on the map & that's what we in army term would like to use when we lost our way during navigation, " HO LAN".
It is very scary to lost your way in the forest, imagine if it was Brunei which is 5D4N. We were only doing this for 2D1N in mandai forest which you can spot civilian in there jogging/cycling.
Can't wait to get out of the forest while we are navigating..
Luckily we were in a team of 7 people, imagine if I will be alone navigating..
I couldn't know what will it going to be...
if one day I am lost in a jungle ...
how would I find my way out..
survived in the forest.

Never forget that i dreamed that I was waking up in my room next day....
(Must be missing home very badly)
I got so worried if I booked out yesterday & were need to report the next morning.
I overslept & worry that I will be charge for AWOL( Absent without official leave ) which is a very big crime in army ...
Then my dream keep struck in the confusion these AWOL shit~ till I wake up & we were ready to move off to exercise hunter which we will navigate 8 hour to hit certain amount of checkpoint required on our very own without instructor following us.

This week was a weird schedule for us,
got nights out 3 hour for Friday...
Book out on Sunday 10pm
( Will be booking out on Monday morning if we didn't do well in our exercise )
Book in on Monday 9pm

Miss my civilian those days......
I remember those civilian life whereby
I do not need every time travel so far from home on Sunday to book in,
freedom I had before,
I have always told myself these 2 year will pass very fast,
It have already crossed 30% of the number of days to ORD...
I really hope to get back the freedom I had before plus I can gain something out from these 2 years in army.