Friday, February 27, 2015

After watching Ah bot to frogman

After watching the movie ah boy to frogman
I got motivated, I feel that I am totally in my comfort zone
I shouldn't complain about the amount of rest I have anymore,
Before every complain is made I will remind myself ,holding back those words and keep inside me

People call me sergeant, people say I don't look like an officer
I can choose not to care, but that's not who I am today
Every single thing that concern me, I will responsible for it
If I don't look like one, I going to prove I am one

I wish I can gain back my health, my fitness
But it seems like resting don't really work, having fitness training ended up making me feel better and don't feel pain or ache in my body
I hope the aching and pain I have is just temporary because it had delayed me for my training for too long , it created another me
I don't like excuses, I prefer to prove with action
That's who i suppose to be

I have been facing the same difficulties since young, I realise how much it affected me now
I am trying, but I really hope I could one day got enlighten
I just want to speak a better and proper English
It is no longer about the causes,the impact but it is more about the remedy to my situation

Guess I started to miss those moment as a trainee in the past

It take one thing to ruin yourself  but it take unlimited things to make yourself perfect
That's where I am suppose to be...