Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fall into Love :D

Never forget the days when i got my first girlfriend!!    :)
~ She is ~

Someone who is my SEG Club Junior & she got my attention so much during one of my CCA event, National Day Celebration (NDC). She was in charge of a small game station at block S level 4, can't really remember what's the game like BUT.... i will never forget the 
Rose Earring she wore on that day & it was that day which we started to talk ~ >.<
She is attractive to me, having tent skin color and with a cheerful character somehow make me keep wanted to approach her and talk to her ..... haha
Then slowly as days passes by ~ i started to follow her on twitter
Then slowly slowly, when i realise the twitter reply me just too fast and slowly lots of people started to talk about our conversation in twitter, i asked her number in twitter private message and we slowly slowly text one another ....
As day passes one by one, we started to have long text ! As in REALLY LONG text that could keep u read and reply back in like 7-10 min times? I enjoy text-ing her and just have unlimited topic to talk to her, there wasn't a girl that i text after months still can text so well one~ haha 

Then slowly slowly again, i jio-ed her & some other people together to jog around the school.... and we jogged in groups for few times...
As time goes on, all the people started to fall out only left she & me running .......
After all these and that happen in between us, i slowly slowly start to keep imagining if she was my girlfriend, and so and so ..... keep thinking about her most of the time ... thinking that should i just go after her? haha

It got me quite some times and i decided not to do go after her due to the experiences in my past, plus she is so attractive, kind-hearted, sporty, cheerful, so confirm there is a lot of chasers i will have to challenge with,so i just treat her like a normal friend , never ask for more... never have the thinking of asking her out for dinner or movie because she really that good that i feel i don't deserve to get her, she wont even will accept to go out with me. In addition, out of so many chasers i have no confident i can beat them all... so i just decided not to do so much and remain our friendship like normal.
As days got more busier when my Final Year Project (FYP) start & a trip to Suzhou & one of my brother used to keep text her, i started to text her lesser .....lesser....... slowly i forget to reply her..... & we stopped text-ing for a period of time ..... about a month plus? ....

.....Then there was this one fine day, i realise i have neglected this friend of mine who used to text who used to jog and who used to talk a lot a lot of things with.... someone who is very nice ~ i start to text her again  :)
But this time round the feeling is so different compare to the past, no longer have that much excitement anymore.... slowly slowly & we stopped text-ing again   :(
So then on valentine's day, i posted something like "Wish all the singles out there, Happy Valentine's Day~ And wish all the singles celebrating alone for the one last time, next year onward you will be attach!"
I don't know is it because of this which somehow got motivated some miracle to happen..... haha she show interest to me, dropping hint and a lot a lot of hint somehow telling me that i am booked for the next valentine's day by her.... i though she was trying to comfort me, joking around with me... i never believe that.... it take me super super super long to accept that..
1- I have met such situation before
2- We like to joke around and I hardly show my seriousness to her at all 
3- She is very attractive and she look quite pretty & cute, some more her character is SUPER AWESOMESUPER LOVE-ABLE those type therefore i feel there will confirm have a lot people love her, do a lot of things to her so i will never so lucky to be the one chosen by her
4- I don't really look very handsome & i don't really look sexy & that attractive I think
5- I quite emotional & no much self-confident in term of boy girl relationship
6- I have a playboy face that display a feel that i have a lot of EX-girlfriends
7- I used to text a lot of female & maybe i got flirt with them in those messages
8- She give me a feeling that she is so good that i don't believe I got her heart while so many chasers still out there fighting for her heart
9- I never really go jio her like what i did to the past few girl i liked before

Until really quite sometimes i decided to ask her out and see if things turn out to be good..... confess to her after few dates ......So....

It was on 13 March 2013, after work on my first day of work in Massimo Dutti as a retailer assistance while waiting for NS enlistment on 12 June 2013.
I asked her out for a dinner as we have long time not met one another even as a group....
We went to Chomp Chomp to have our late dinner..... chit chating ....
we were just automatically so close that i have never eat my food with my arm so close to the other person who sit beside me, our arm were like stick together ~ she almost laugh at whatever i said to her, really showing interest of me which really make me feel good because i actually love her long ago.... i am just suspecting if my love is real or a crush so i never really do a lot of things to her....
Since it was a late dinner, she will be back home very late, so i decided to offer to send her home by taking the bus to her area....
Then we manage to find two empty seat side by side.... we sat down.... we chatted for awhile.... & i can see that she is very tired.... jogging everyday in the early morning plus night ... sacrifice and accompany me for dinner.... so i was kidding with her saying something that... " If you are tired, I lend you my shoulder!" :D
And.............................. She Straight Away, Never even Hesitate ...... SHE Lay her whole head down on my SHOULDER!!!! .... OMG that's make me go crazy, my heart PUMPING like going to fly out of my Mouth... MY WHOLE BODY WAS LIKE SHIVERING.....STUNNED for like almost 5~7 Stops totally don't know how to do !! What to react!! Breathing out loud! Controlling my heart Beat!
Until awhile later... when i started to cool down a bit, i realise .... i confirmed i have fall for her, no one else can make my heart beat Beat that Fast AT ALL... and not every time have this type of chance, SO... i forget about the idea of  -after few more dates then confess to her-
I USED THIS CHANCE.... Putting my ring that i used to wear everyday & put into her finger..... asking her,"Since we are already in this stage, .... were you willing to be my girlfriend?"
Then we got together......I never forget the moment she accepted me was around 11pm plus & the bus was like driving on a "S" road I was so happy that i don't know how to express...

Then tat's when my love life begins...... :)))))))

Friday, July 26, 2013

NS Buddy

I met a guy named Sean, he was my buddy for the whole 17 weeks training in Paula Tekong. He is a programmer and with an age of 20 he is like earning 2.7k per month doing IT stuff? haha~ thats impressive ~ He like to write a lot of notes in his notebook. Haha~ he taught me what to do when you start to think a lot, that's to list them all down in a notebook & i tried few times i find it really useful,therefore i am back to blog to write whatever shit in my brain to make myself feel more comfortable :)
Really thanks to him for teaching me this method because i sometimes think a lot and i don't know what to do and it is bothering me the whole night having insomnia on my bed~

Kaizen Back in Action! Self-Intro

Graduated from NYP!
What a dream school that i wanted to study when i was in secondary school~
And i got a slot in NTU!
Another dream school that i wanted to study!

Studies never happen to be my talent and i realise this.... Doesn't mean you are not born to be smart in studies, you should stop study or don't bother to study.Reason of you saying those lines are because you are finding excuses to keep yourself lazy~

Been through so much in my Poly, having so much fun know all the people there, from a person who didnt plan to have a CCA in Poly ended up in joined SEG Club and was a Sub-Club Vice-Chairman~ haha
Handling with adviser & friends in team getting those Events & Camps done. Because of my life in poly inside SEG Club make my Poly life so much interesting, get to know lot of different course of people and have the chance to plan events and etc.... which not only allow me to gain knowledge of handling people and event!!Furthermore, it make me know myself even better,in term of my character and attitude ~
Overall, my Poly life was a fun experiences :)

Currently was graduated and enrolled into National Service~
FAILED NAP-FA test and have to go through 8 weeks of Physical Training Phrase (PTP) first then process to 9 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT). First 2 weeks will be confinement which is for you to adapt in Tekong Island. :)