Friday, July 26, 2013

Kaizen Back in Action! Self-Intro

Graduated from NYP!
What a dream school that i wanted to study when i was in secondary school~
And i got a slot in NTU!
Another dream school that i wanted to study!

Studies never happen to be my talent and i realise this.... Doesn't mean you are not born to be smart in studies, you should stop study or don't bother to study.Reason of you saying those lines are because you are finding excuses to keep yourself lazy~

Been through so much in my Poly, having so much fun know all the people there, from a person who didnt plan to have a CCA in Poly ended up in joined SEG Club and was a Sub-Club Vice-Chairman~ haha
Handling with adviser & friends in team getting those Events & Camps done. Because of my life in poly inside SEG Club make my Poly life so much interesting, get to know lot of different course of people and have the chance to plan events and etc.... which not only allow me to gain knowledge of handling people and event!!Furthermore, it make me know myself even better,in term of my character and attitude ~
Overall, my Poly life was a fun experiences :)

Currently was graduated and enrolled into National Service~
FAILED NAP-FA test and have to go through 8 weeks of Physical Training Phrase (PTP) first then process to 9 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT). First 2 weeks will be confinement which is for you to adapt in Tekong Island. :)

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