Sunday, March 2, 2014

11+15 March 2014

This two days are so important to me ....
It was my 1st year anniversary with my girlfriend & her 21st B'day..
But I have an oversea training at Brunei from 6th March to 30th March...
Every time I think of it I feel very disappointed & sad for not being able to be present on either one of the day.
Even though I am sad but I wish there is still people who is around her who can celebrate her 21st B'day good & make her happy still.

I never forget what she wrote to me before I enlist into Ns..
She wrote to me telling me that in life, it has two wings....
left wring of disappointment ; right wing of happiness 
left wing of sadness; right wing of joy
If there isn't any balance of either side of the wing....
Then something must be in wrong....
I believe having all these hard time during my training, it will not only toughen me, it is toughening my relationship with my girlfriend & toughen her as well.
With a super ultimate optimistic mindset of mine now, I do not believe in failure.
I only believe in perseverance.
Being so negative for like months in OCS, i finally found out the reason why..
It was simple, it is just basically about your own performance in your daily life..
If you not able to do something well then of course you will become moody & when this accumulated for months....
There you will involved into a pessimistic person.
Always look back at the successful things you have done
Get back the feeling, have the feeling of being a winner & don't keep thinking about failure that make you a loser.
If they are things you can't do well, people around you will have one that is even lousier than you.
You will never be the last guy if you continue to work hard!
Work hard & smart!
Don't overly pampered yourself when you put do in some effort..
Put in 200% more effort then only you award yourself
Moment you lost your confident, don't stay in that zone anymore!
Do something!! Find a way out of that stupid circle & gain your confident back!
If anyone who were like me once before~
Come on let's get back up & get things done!!
Continue to fight!
Never afraid of making mistake! 

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