Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last message before flight

Flight Number : MI8912
To Brunei on 7th March 2014
Changi Airport Terminal 2(Above Burger King)
Departure: 0300HRS
Flight Number : MI8911
Back Singapore on 30th March 2014
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Arrival: 0250HRS

All officer before they became an officers will have to go through these training...
Couldn't know what it is going to be during these days, 
What I know is that anythings can happen 
People used to say,
21 days is when a person can change & starts to get used to the new habit 
After JCC, 
A person might realize who they really are
Might changed to another person
To these, I hope I will came back with as positive feedback
Really hope I will learn new things & be better
I am now very look forward to all my training until my joint term to commissioning
To Lead..
& Overcome....
We shall see the differences in me when I am back Singapore
Say No to fear
Say No to fear
& lastly say all you want to SUCCESS!

To My Girl:
I always know that I am not able to do everything that perfect as what you expected
Sometimes I compare, I compare myself with other people
I realize how different was mine compared to them
I know where I stand
But I told myself these...
Doesn't matter hows other people reaction are compared to mine
Who I am is what I really are..
I know I couldn't give the best but I know at least I could contribute something
I do try & I really tried 
I wouldn't know whats the result after all but as I said ...
Like the very first time, I will do my best
My very best to be the best boyfriend that I could 
To give you all I could 

We might made some mistake 
Mistake as in our relationship progression?
Mistake as in our attitude towards one another?
Mistake as in our trust?
And it might be a lot more things that it couldn't be seen in our naked eyes...
But, as well as we know
And we know how to recover from it
Everything will be fine
Couldn't stop appreciating 
What are the things you did for me
What you planned for me when I booked out
What you surprised me with...
You know I just wanted to say these to you
I Love You~
(The words that couldn't be define with billion/zillion/trillion words/sentences/pages)

I Love You !
I no longer feel scared of losing you anymore because I am now confident in the trust we had for one another

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