Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finally is holiday ~

It always good to enjoy the holidays specially after training for months & busy every weeks in camp~
Got a 24km march from friday 7pm to sat 4am plus~
The first 6km march, received a photo from my gf!
Haha so cute of her & the cupcake~
Someone who is always motivate me! My motivator :D

Never ever try walking at east coast park from one end to another end before~
Now I did & I don't feel like going to that "MEMORABLE" park again!

After road march~ was 4am plus & we changed up & sleep on the F1 track~
Whole track near the Marina platform was filled with thousands of recruits laying down to rest~
As My company was the last few one, we only manage to sleep for an hour then walk to the platform for GRADUATION!! :DD
Skipped the first entry of the parade due to not able to attend the rehearsal a week before because of me booking in on friday morning.It was a sad news when on wed night, after the parade rehearsal, the captain giving out the best platoon medal in front of the company & I was not around to collect :(
But my Ah Ma is more important ~ So no loss!
Next, I was only able to join in the parade on the re-entry for THROWING CAP PARADE :DD
HAHA~ at least i still can join in the parade to shout"POP LOH" together with everyone :)
(How i wish you were here to attend my graduation & admire the medal i got in BMT~)
(Never forget the smile on your face the day you send me in Tekong for enlistment~)

Was thankful that Daniel & Lynette came for my POP~
I didn't attend his parade yet he came to attend mine~
I guess there is no other friend who got a heart like them i can find.... 
Then I am super thankful to my elder sister's bf  who drove me in on friday morning 7.30am to ferry terminal to book in, sending us all home after POP~ whereby the field bag is so FREAKING HEAVY with ILBV & Helmet!

Back home~
Go out to Malaysia with gf to walk around....
Planned to get train back to Gemas on next weekend but~
the ticket station counter computer got problem..... & the staff told us," Our computer is down, i think you all will have to come down to get the ticket tomorrow"~ LOL? it was 4pm plus... Not efficiency at all ~
So then we had our dinner at a Japanese restaurant ....

Went for a run~ lunch at 925 ~ dinner at KFC~
Maybe it is time for me to be show my super super discipline of the food i am eating nowadays so that it can influence my gf as well~
Guess eating really play a super important part of our appearance & health~
So please always maintain~

Following day~
Manage to wake up early in the morning & ate breakfast with gf in school~
haha what a stupid day to be in school & having holidays on tuesday due to hari raya~
But of cause, it is better not to influence bad things to other ... like asking them to skip school~
Went to NTU! My Future SCHOOL! :D
Cant wait to study again ~ felt so motivated to study ever since in BMT~
Want to really put in all my best to hit GPA-5!
But with my friend went inside for a math lecture & i fall asleep~ :(
Seems like my concentration are not able to last longer compared to the past~
Hope it will be better after ORD, back to study~
Ate a Nasi bryani only at $3 at NTU & a curry puff of OLD CHANG KEE that you use the tong can take yourself~
Overall the university look very interesting to me~
After all ~ rushed back.. wanted to bath & wait for my gf & sister back to Malaysia due to the 7 days of my Ah Ma~
But.. saw the clothes in the washing machine, shit all over the house, the pee, smell like shit all around my house~
Couldn't take it & quickly clean them up
~All the while house chore was did by my parents, so looking at those dirt, smelling all the weird smell in the house, first thing in mind is , blame them first ~
(Realise that we human being, will take things for granted & if one who always showing their good effort every time wont be seem, but the 1 % of the bad thing happen in them, we start to point arrow at them)
Then i keep thinking & thinking... i guess it will have the in the mind is normal, but we must learn to appreciate & help out rather than calling them & complain, scold at them ..etc.
Got back & have a super heavy supper ~ :D

Overnight at my 5th uncle house..
It was big~
2 Storey
3 rooms( every room have toilet)
1 super big living room
The house was just super big..... every rooms are just like a master room.
Off the light! Can't even see my five fingers! LOL :D
(Used to want to have a big house, but like i guess just a house that is just nice for the amount of people to stay together is enough)

Went to buy lotus folding paper to fold & burn for Ah Ma...
Don't know what it actually means just know that it will be good for Ah Ma~
Haha it look beautiful ~

Step by Step Lotus flower 
 5x5=25 to fold the whole flower
 Each stack of five have to be a opposite end then tie them tight together
 Folding two upwards from the middle.. then direction to right all the way till a cycle
 Then fold upwards one layer by layer & leave the last layer
 Last layer just fold & make it nicer

Then after folding, it will need to bring back to the Master to pray before we burn for Ah Ma on certain date~

Addition point to note~
If you bought a top up prepaid card in Malaysia~
Do visit the Telco website & check out the code to activate the Data plan~
It will help you save a lot of $$ 

Then back Singapore....
Ran again~ Due to the intake of so much junk food in Malaysia~
Went to Chong Pang hawker to eat dinner~
(Feel shameless in the past when relative came to Singapore & ask me to bring then to eat something good I don't know, but now I wish they will be here again & i will bring them to different place to try all the "TOP" good in Singapore)

I wanted to end this post with this..
Understand that you will spend every single second with me when you are free...
I really really really appreciate... (Other than appreciate i couldn't know what other vocab i can use)
I hope that when i tell her that i want to meet my friend, she don't get upset.
Honestly, every single time while making decision & I am stunt, staring into blank....it was because of you..
No other hard time other than my family & you~
But my smart gf will really a smart gf, always give a good decision in the end & I feel lot better...
Nobody will know.... i have pushed more than unlimited times of event/gathering/outing because of her..
(To girlfriend)
Nobody will know how important she is to me
(To friends)

Worry that meeting too often will get you bored, too sticky causes you not able to do things, freedom time alone..etc.
Little secret here~
I do have times i feel like i cant breath in the past~
I do getting little flare up when there is too many request from you at times~
I do worry in super long term, how well you or my family can compromise one another~
I do WORRY IF YOU SAW THIS ... what happen~

No matter what... there is still a conclusion of all~

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