Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last week before POP

It is just one last week to POP!
Cant wait for this day ever since the day I entered into tekong~
Dream about a trip to somewhere far but don't know where it is, seating on the bus with my gf & my dad...
I helped my gf to put on the blanket..... a blanket that is inside my SAF sling bag? LOL?
And if i not wrong it look like the blanket i used to sleep in tekong as well~ hahaha
I realise i am easily getting mad over her now, I started tracking those guys that is talking to her in twitter.
Reading their every single conversation.. I guess it must because most of the time actually i cannot accept it to see her communicating or hanging out with other guys,but i still endure & let her go... believing that too much restriction , the relationship will not last longer....
But think again... how long can I endure the pain inside me?
By doing this, is it possible to say that I am just making myself gone bonkers one day?
She must be so so important that even my dream i could dream about her so many times in BMT..
Never forget one Thursday night... recalled that my gf mentioning about a guy that have been keep asking her out for a meal.After looking at his face in facebook, the reply to my gf in twitter... got me super angry, I was on my tekong bed , getting ready to sleep...
It must be because I am just afraid to loss her....
Trust is earned more than just words coming out of the mouth.

Booked out on Friday afternoon... It was considered one of the earliest book out...
Saw my Telecommunication lecturer, Ms Adeline on the way to take my bus, she just finished her master degree oversea,she saying something that is quite truth is that Singtel Engineer have become customer service already....focus will be very different in future.. Made me feel like giving up being a engineering in Singtel after university education.

Planned to send gf to her area... chit chat walk around to accompany her till the time she met her old friends at kovan for dinner. Then going to Malaysia on the next day to visit my ah ma at hospital & a unique restaurant that used the toilet as a concept for their shop at a shopping mall..
Suddenly while on the bus to my gf area, got a news from my younger sister telling me to visit ah ma now, she is in a very serious condition...
got stoned , don't know what to do.. want to send gf home/go see my grandma myself...
Meanwhile my gf said this... We will go back take passport & we will go visit her together..
She will postpone to meet up with her old friends at kovan.
Feel so glad that my gf is not someone who will make unreasonable things,being so understanding...
So we go to each other house to take our passport & rush to the hospital.
Every mother side relatives were there, got a news of ah ma having a lump 3.5 x 4 x 4 cm at the big blood vessel near the heart..possibility of getting a cancer & got diabetes...
So we stay at msia to take turn see ah ma & take care of her in hospital.

Days in Gelang patach, realise that "san kim" are a very nice person,her personal background already have finance problem le yet still got help one another

Report of Ah Ma condition

Look at the * , means the number have exceeded & refer to the photo below to gauge the cancer but it will only be assumption, it is not a confirm answer.  

 Because of Ah Gong, his friends & brothers came to pay a respect to Ah Ma

We pray & read the whole books~ few times 


After taking care of her so much, hiring personal nurse to take care her while we sleep...everyone take turn to rub the fingers and toes which are in purple color, believing that miracle to happen & she will back to normal... but sadness no.... she stop breathing at Tuesday 3.40am...

Gf's parents purposely took off to attend my ah ma funeral, feel really appreciated for that & it was first time her parents met my parents... thanks to my mum who always got so much story to share with anyone. Reading my gf blog, with the photo of ah ma sending me in during enlistment, make me tears & feel sad that she cannot turn up for my POP..

My ah ma make the effort together with my family to send me in to tekong... & I planning to bring her to my graduation parade following Saturday to see me POP one but.... she passed away...
if only she still can move & stay with us few more weeks....
I was off all the way until Friday morning 7.30am ferry to tekong for the 24km plus to marina platform.
I was grateful that my OC allow me to off so many days for my ah ma funeral
" Ah Ma , An Xin bah"
Wo Men da le bu yong wei wo men zai dan xin le :)

Never forget the smiles on her face the one last time in the hospital & when she is send back home...
Never forget she love to cook bean curd skin, red wine chicken for us..... happy go lucky de Ah Ma
All these will be the memories you leave for us!
We love you~
Thank you Ah Ma
Ah Ma ~ R.I.P 

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