Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get to book out early :D

Got a pay back to book out one day earlier than the rest!! :D
Counting down from months to weeks,  I guess i definitely going to miss all the things happened in PTP/BMT.

Planned so long & decided to sign on this week!
But name was not called the day before the signing & there wasn't any form of contract for me at all, reason is because I am not applicable to sign on due to my citizenship, a permanent resident.
Wasted all my time planned so hard for the past few weeks...
But never mind, there must be a reason why this route is meant for me. I believe there is an even better job opportunities other than SAF~

Got appointed as company IC, never once were there anyone who got this appointment before,got me feel shocked & I really don't know what i need to really do in this position.
But as i always said to my friends that I will always do my very best for every things that i am going to do,so I will do my best as I can to be the IC until they change a new IC.

That's all in army for the week :)
Now,move to the next one ~
My lovely girl ..........
Who is always there for me....
Days by days in Tekong, I always .....
never forget the moment when she tell me this,"I know that every guy want their girlfriend to be skinny & sexy, but I tried my best.The best & the only achievement I can do now is that I manage to get the line in between the stomach.I hate my lower body, I couldn't burn away all the fats at my lower body",with tears in her eyes & she carried on,"I,myself feel disgusted by the fats ,myself when I look into the mirror".

Just want to tell her this.... hey girl, don't give up! "JIAYOU!"...

I Love You <3

(Weeks whereby my friend child is going to be 1 years old)

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