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Finally it is another rest day ~

Result was out~
Posted to Officer Cadet School! As it is all i wanted while i am in BMT.

Day 1 -  Report to SAFTI Warrior's hall 12pm on Monday (21 Oct 2013).
Get whatever items from tekong all to OCS. The place is so big & nice that if one who don't know anything about OCS will think it look like a chalet to them. Got issued to Charlie 2 - Charlie platoon 2. That wing just temporary take us due to the large intake this time round for the common leadership module(clm), their cadet just got commission few weeks back so after clm they won't be taking any cadets till the next intake of cadets next year. The intake on my this batch was around 684 plus.
We had a small parade after we will sorted out into our Wings to take our cadet first bar. We were no longer called Recruit (REC) anymore, we are now named as Officer Cadet Trainee (OCT).
Straight after that parade, I initiated to be the platoon IC.
When we were transferred to our room, we were given some letter regards of the inivation of family on sunday & the car park they got to alight at & we have to write down our address & send that letter back home. In OCS, it is no longer in BMT whereby 16 people sharing one room, it is just 2 person per room & I got a buddy who is Out of Course (OOC) due to the injury of his leg in the 1 week term break. The room look so nice that it just look like chalet, give me a feel like as if there is air-conditional but.... only fan! haha
After we all settled down our items, we will given our OCS PT T-shirt & short & we slow jog tour around the whole SAFTI to let us familiarize the area.
Then lastly, whenever we drink water we got to say out our 8 core values during BMT.
But now in OCS , we got to say more than just that....
This is what we got to say before we drink our water from our bottle, the officers Creed.
Realize it is divided into two part is because we are still a cadets so we have to say three more lines to the Officer creed.
(Non-Commissioned Officers)
We are officer cadet of OCS
To inspire us onward as officer to be
We now state the reverence & respect to the officers creed
(Comssioioned Officers)
I am officers of Singapore Armed Forces
My duty is to lead, to excel & to overcome
I lead my man by example
I answered for their training, morale & discipline
I must excel in everything I do
I serve with pride , honor & integrity
I will overcome adversity with courage, fortitude & determination
I dedicate my life to Singapore

Day 2 - We have a 4 km run & have to pass below the timing of 22 mins & we went to collect our laptop.
Then attend lecture about Singapore History all the way from morning to night, we not only were educated about Singapore History but also some nearby countries around our Island.

Day 3 - Overslept & I got famous in my platoon. By right falling in timing should be 6.00 am but I woke up at 6.17 am, wake up because of all the cadets singing songs while they march outside my window for breakfast, got super shocked yet cooling myself down & thinking that maybe they have all forgotten me then I should just skip through this breakfast time & join them back later, so I went to brush my teeth. Suddenly, one of my platoon mate rushed up & open the toilet door & he asked me " HEY! WHAT YOU DOING?EVERYONE IS BEING PUNISHED DOWN THERE WAITING FOR YOU & YOU STILL BRUSHING YOUR TEETH!!", then having the mindset that every time out the room your room must always be in stand by area condition, so i dashed back & fold my blanket. Then another time, the same guy opened my door & say "HEY WHAT YOU DOING? JUST GO DOWN!". So i rushed down & saw them all doing push up, I kept apology to them & that started the day of my 3rd day.
Next, lecture again all the way, it is a lecture about how do we present ourselves in front of people, in other word it is just a presentation skills. Then people got called up to present in front of all the new cadets in OCS, 5 min to introduced themselves to all & try to use the method he taught to get all of them to their attention. It was a very useful lecture for me, hope I can be a good speaker in future.
Overall for the day, I learnt something. I understand why the room was with 2 person instead of 16 person now. It is because 2 person got more responsibility to wake up on their own compared to 16 person which ones still can rely on one another. The structure of the corridor were also built such a way that you won't be able to know if there is people inside the room or not until you open up the door.

Day 4 - Route march started on the 4th day, it was a 3 km route march with ilbvs around the SAFTI. Then we were send to listen to career talk of Air-force,Navy & Army. We had buffer for dinner & it was a huge mess because everyone was fighting for it due to hunger.It is something new to me because I had never have a buffet in Army. After the dinner, we were back to Warrior's Hall to carry on for the few more hours talk & that mark the day for the night.

Day 5 - We had a commander parade in the morning, I don't know whats the main purpose of the parade, it reminds me of the times in BMT whereby during the adjustment weeks we have a parade too then after that we were just march back to our wings line & carry on our activity for the day. We draw our weapon, we were not like the days in BMT whereby we have a fixed SAR21 weapon, we will just to draw any one of them. Learnt how to use compass, skipped the compass course due to attending some career talk.

Day 6 - Afternoon to night, got to do compass jungle tour which is a course that the instructors will bring us in a jungle that is covered up with a rope all around like a square shape roughly about 200 meter by 200 meter & we have to use our compass to walk from points to points alone in the dark without able to use torch light, getting used to the darkness. I manage to find all the points & I find it super interesting & meaningful to me because I believe in my whole life I am not going to do this activity at my own at all. Who will go to the jungle whereby you have such a nice house to stay? Course was carried out with another wings because i went for the career talk previous day. Knew some female cadets & find those cadets are quite brave to take up army as their career. I remember one of them told me that one of the reason she signed on was because in future if they pregnant, they will be given 4 months to rest at home which is of one month more compared to corporate companies out there, getting monthly salary still while making baby. Then she also mention one things which is quite true is that imagine you were off from the office for so long then suddenly you go back, do you think the company still need you? You were lacked don't know how far behind. After of what they mention, make me feel that these female cadets are very mature to think far & wish them all the best in Army.

Day 7 - It was a invitation of family to OCS, I bought my parents, elder sister & my girlfriend around SAFTI tell them about our SAFTI Tower SAFTI parade, meaning of the building structure as etc. Never forget I got my girlfriend pissed off by answering her in a rude way when she asked me to change to formal to book out. We were given 6 hours to book out to accompany our family & tell them how we do in inside OCS, let them understand more. Then I was disappointed, originally wanted to accompany my girlfriend but due to the way how i answered her make her mood goes down, I just feel like just stay inside camp and not going anywhere because I don't want to make her mood goes down even more, spoil her day, plus it was on Sunday, a weekend of hers. Her mum was going to meet her at JEM for dinner. Can't forget when I told her this line,"Do you want me to go with you later to meet your mum for dinner?If don't want then it is okay I go back to my room & rest.", my heart was so pain that my tears were about to drop because I was a paranoid person I at first though it was because I wear Smart 4, got the smell & was dirty to meet her mum later, she don't like but I was wrong until she told me actually is the way i answered her when she want me to change to formal to book out, her mindset of wanting me to change also is because she felt that i will be more comfortable. Fortunately, she don't get angry with me very long. She was being so kind & understanding that end of the day she allowed me to join her & the day ended well for me & her.

Day 8 - Days getting boring & nothing special .We went for 3 km Route march again. Lecture of Military Law.

Day 9 - The day when we will turned out super early like 4am but I was well prepared for that due to the amount of hours rest they gave us.Usually was 7 hours but they gave us 8 hours of rest so all of them suspect & decided to wake up early to wait for turn out. Went for the confident jump of 10 meter high down a pool with long 4 & running up the stairs to SAFI Tower, the every single steps represent the number of each days in OCS till we commissioned as an Officer. Then we get to watched "Black Hawk Down". Never forget there is a scene when the soldier about to die, his brother trying to wake him up, reminds me of my mum waking my grandma on the bed in Gelang Pata~ I never forget the smile of my grandma until now~
And I think she going to be my motivation, I not going be OOC or whatever, going to do my best to get through this 9 months & to make her feel proud of me. :)

Day 10 - Went to Military Intelligent Interview but due to my citizenship I was not able to signed on unless I got my Singapore citizenship then I am able to. So waste my time in there waiting but it was good that I went & there is one officer who is helping me out about the applying of citizenship during army. Learnt how to deal with smoke attack, wearing the mask & wearing the suits that prevent any gas attack. Interesting that when we drink water we will need to go through that tube to our bottle, amaze by the technology of equipment they used to prevent gas invasion in future.

Day 11 to Day 13
This is the day when we need to study for our exam, never really note down what we did already. Just know that we have to get 80% for Safety exam & 50% for Military Law in order to pass.
I skipped a run of 3 km with ilbvs , so last day I actually were bought with a group of people who skipped any physical activity for a last strength training before we booked out. I was posted to Sierra Platoon 2 for Service Term. My friend of mine were transferred from Alpha Wing to my wing. Felt so happy to see him in the same Wing again like the time in BMT.
Never know what going to happen for this 3 months, but what I can say is I will definitely going to do my best, finding back my motivation like whats in those days during tekong.

Enjoy my weekends book out ~
Going to look forward for every Friday now cause I can book out already, no more confinement anymore!
Not going do any mistake to prevent me to book out every weekends :D
Dreamed of my passed away grandma one night, miss her a lot.
And I miss my family & girlfriend~

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