Friday, November 29, 2013

Rush & rush

Got navigation at Mandai camp, saw a lot of the durians & my section went to pick it up & eat ~
Get to fire SAW weapon that is just so cool~
Exercise cocoon was held & it was so lucky that our WC let us stay in our Wing line to sleep compared to other Wing
Do quite a numbers of movement drill & weapon handling test, found it a good challenge & just going to do my best

Not going to say much about army stuff, maybe it will be a little more on thoughts & feel more

Felt that it is scary when you see this person who look normal yet he can suddenly say those things that you never expect him to be, knowledge that he had.....
People will forever to step on you if you never fight back, they will take advantage of you...
You observe people, at the same time do you know that people are also observing you?
I have always underestimated myself, underestimate people
This all got to change -

See people how they reply you, how their face are when they speak, don't blame them , just get use to it & don't be afraid -
Because they used to born to have their expression & etc...
Learn to accept it & continue to do what you think you are right

Nothing is wrong or right if it does not involve any human lives for an exchange~
No matter how good, how bad you are, don't be affected by people who dislike you
Because no matter what you do what you don't do if the person don't like you, means don't like
Just carry on~
Just isolate people who don't appreciate you~

Got back my iphone that was spoil during my graduation, saw the last updated whatsapp twitter....
Was the day I enlisted into National Service
Remind me of my ah ma
Saw those photos of my girl & I  :D
Going to use back my repaired phone! Screen color is so much nicer :)


~Rushing week~

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