Saturday, November 9, 2013

Date out~

I guess this is just fate~
I just realize without her knowing that this morning both of us late was because we were blogging!
Doing the same thing without each other knowing ! 
Actually it is already a good start but didn't get to know~

First time I guess I really use some effort for the itinerary for the outing, I realize this in me
I always limiting myself to move on further
This shall change~

I have been stubborn for too long, it is time to wake up
I have always been blurred, it is time to be awake 
I have always in my comfort zone, it is time to shift to a new zone to stop limiting myself to further move on

I have never been so happy before
An early start of having of such filling & delicious breakfast at marina bay sands
Don't really eat such sophisticated food but it was my girlfriend who make me experience such a perfect meal for the day
Then we went to the Museum, wanting to get a $15/person entry to take a look inside 
But we were lucky there is another opening of Channel brand gallery for us to enter & it is free!
Followed by a shopping in H&M! I didn't expect to find such an affordable price of $79.80 of a long pants & a long sleeve shirt, so I decided to buy it straight! haha
After all the activity until evening time, we went to take a night ride of cable car that cost cheaper for a couple for the ride & a promotion of two coke & a popcorn.
We took all the way to sentosa, back to Harbont tower then to The jewel  to have a dessert to end our day.

The main thing I wanted to say was not about the activity for the day, it is more about the person I am with that have make my day so colorful & wonderful 
I feel so satisfied with the smile on you from the start till the end when i send you home
It had been so long i felt this way
You really make my day, an advance b'day gift like this is enough for me
The biggest gift on Earth was to meet you
To gain a girlfriend which is you
To have that smile on your face 
To feel so loved by you
To be able to love someone that's you

Day have ended pretty well for me tonight & I hope this day will really be a good memory for us
Let it be the day where it really considered as we start fresh once again with the little changes in us!
I only want the number of days being together to keep on going
I will fight till the end 
I believe nothing can stop this spirit in me to end!

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