Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ippt/Sat Book out

Fitness got affected by motivation.
Got sliver in my IPPT.
SBJ - 230
Chin-up - 8
2.4km - 10.21 min
Days in OCS don't feel so motivated like in BMT..
Striving to get the motivation back ~

Guess the amount of sleep maybe really affect my performance?
Shall sleep early next week onward.

Got a first warning from my PC because of me not able to do the matador & M203 drill properly,
fall asleep most of the time in lecture.
Going to change it!
I must overcome my blurriness!
I am going to overcome it! I hate the confusion or blur side of me every time for whatever things I do
No confident standing in front of all the audience
Got stay back till sat then can book out, we were sent to the Jurong 2nd link custom few kilometer away from the bridge doing our Matador & M203 live firing ~

Overal in my mind I just hope when the day I bring you to the night~
I could make you feel proud to stand beside me

~ Short & sweet blog for this week
If a day I don't change, I will always remain...
List to do -
1. Able to accept people saying offensive words to me
2. Be more alert
3. Change my lazy mindset
4. Excel in everything i do
5. Overcome whatever shit that make me scared or blur
6. Make it happen!

Price of $200 for the whole set
Very last min before i book in camp I get to sell it away ~

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