Friday, August 29, 2014

Back home in the morning

This feeling is strange,I have never know why is that happening.
It was on the way back home around 9 am plus in the morning & I thought I could be able to have breakfast with my dad because usually that's what I really do.
Reached home, opened my house door.I feel so happy back home again & I walked towards my dad room, open the door with a smiley face planning to ask him to have breakfast, but he was not inside.So I went to open my sisters room and hope they are inside, unfortunately nobody was in the room either.I felt disappointed so in the end I went downstairs alone, packed my food & consume at home.
But of course I never blame them, because my dad are taking up two jobs & he is always fighting her life for us ever since me & my siblings was born. My sisters were finally able to relax themselves after 5 working days during the week days, able to meet up with their boyfriend & go dating.

While I was on the way home, suddenly I recalled a tweet by someone, it was a picture of a huge & beautiful bungalow without people at all but just the house living room with a caption of "You cannot buy happiness".
Tears flowing down, and so I recalled...
Reflect..... why?

Reasons that I concluded,
Maybe my mum was not home because usually she will be at home & we talk a lot.She always have unlimited things to tell me, I always will try my best to listen. I felt sad every time when she got so much things to tell me but I have to leave my house due outside activity & left her alone in the house again & again. I am glad there are two dogs whose belong to my younger sister are there to accompany her.

This is the first time, I couldn't really understand why my eyes became so watery & tears flow down my cheek. Usually, I am alone in the house & I am always fine with it. It is only this day that I happened to react this way.

Lesson learnt:
I couldn't able to accept it if one day I done something wrong, my wife & children were to leave me.
I couldn't able to accept it anymore if I am alone again like in the past, single's life
If I am wealthy enough, I really want my family to be as big as possible but my house as small as possible that is enough to sustain that amount of families members in the house so that my house will always very happening & bring joys in the house. Everyone will be more bonded.

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