Sunday, October 5, 2014

Never use busy as an excuses for everything

A friend of mine told me this,
You can busy achieving your dream, but you cannot busy & you forget whats your dream.

We human have the ability to adapt that causes us to change our passion towards the things that we do. But never forget what you wanted before.

It is October now, 8 more months I will be ORD.
Days in army wasn't as bad as I think because it really give us time to relax inside camp.
Can't imagine what I really want after ORD, can't wait for ORD yet can't decide what to do after ORD. 

I realise more things that I do now equivalent more chances of making myself feel embarrass in front of the people. 

After all, it is just English that is enough to ruin my future of any single things that I do.
I am lost...
I need more rest..

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