Friday, October 31, 2014

Down time / Recovered time

At point of time, have you ever felt that you are tired?
All the time?
No mater how long you rest, you sleep?
Have you ever wonder why?

From what we know and what we used to think is that resting more will be the best remedy for it,
do you agree?

You are not wrong but it is just one method that we used to know.

Well, let's reflect back of what you have been doing for so far, do you think that you are currently happy with your life now?
Are you enjoying your daily routine now or are you straggling in your daily life now?

What is time?
What is work?
What is rest?

Every single second of contribution that formed time, combine them all together with work and rest you will get working hours and resting hours.
How well are you with your time management?

Are you able to work within your working hour or you always work more than your working hour and eat into your rest time?
Think back of what you do for your rest time? What have you been doing? Are you really resting or you are just wasting your time doing nothing?
NOW think back of your working time, are you really doing your work?

This is all the question you should be asking yourself.
Our mind like to mess our things together, our time make us feel that we are confused.
You know what are the causes of all these?


You have mess up your time in your brain and you will always feel you are confuse with what you are doing,
That is where you feel that you are straggling with your life, you feel stress of you life

It was a public holiday, I feel that my brain my mind is sick, I feel tired of what I am doing now.
I went to library and decided to read a book and I found out that maybe is stress that made me always feel tired, I read a bit and start reflecting about my life now.
I was doubting that I might have a depression now, I felt that maybe I can't cope with what I have now,  I am stressed about my life now.
When I went back to camp I keep asking myself, "Am I really stressed out by what I am doing now, what I have now?"
I ask myself until friday morning when I woke up, I think back and I got an answer!
I AM NOT! IT is my timing that get me all so mess up, all so chaotic inside my brain ! Things in my mind are not composed properly! I told myself I AM NOT HAVING ANY DEPRESSION AT ALL!

Yesterday night I set a goal for me to achieve, that is to wake up in the morning and run.
I was back at 0100Hrs in the midnight and I set my alarm clock at 0530Hrs, I feel that I have been procrastinating for months. I have concluded that I AM! I DID become lazy now.

I have forgotten how I do things now compared to my past. I have become someone who is so good in my planning that I forget how to execute it. Like the NIKE Slogan, "JUST DO IT".
I did wake up but it was not what I planned 0530Hrs but at 0700Hrs.

Then I went to have my run after that.
As I was running I realise my body wasn't that strong anymore, I always thought that I could still run at the timing that I used to have which is 10mins to 10.30mins for 2.4km but it was all wrong. My performance proved me wrong,badly. I ran 12.13mins instead.
Then this is where I got enlighten which I can't think of why does it linked.

I realise that I wasn't stress, my excuses have been too much for the past few months. I always planned too far that I forget to do because all the time in my brain, there are numbers keep generating inside about my future and it keep on calculating, planning the future day by day.
In the other words, people used to say "don't stay in your past and get over it".
For me, my mind stay in the future and have already forgotten about my present now.
For that you become a very realistic person that result you becoming a very pessimistic person,

What I currently is doing now, is about strengthening the mind.
So what I suggest to people who are like me is.
Since it is so worst now that our brain stay in the future, we have to pull it back.
Plan step and execute step by step.
Example instead of planning for everyday waking up at 0530Hrs, you should just plan waking up tomorrow at 0530Hrs only first.
Wake up already then carry to do what you wanted to do.

When you found yourself in the wrong path, never hesitate to correct yourself by walking through whatever obstacle that can lead you back to the correct path.
When we walk we don't usually walked in the pavement, we step into grass to our destination.
If there is a way, just cross it and reach your destination. U-turning back is taking too much of your time and time is precious.



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