Friday, October 10, 2014

Time is about learning

It have been long time that I never really sat down & reflect about myself.
Reflection doesn't really need to be after some incident or something happen in your life, it all about being able to know who you are in the past & what you are now currently.

This morning when I woke up, laying down the bed. I started to reflect about my action and performance for this past 2 months and I realise something.

I guess I am tired of what I am doing now, after being a trainer now. I focus too much on the others and I forgotten about myself, I became more lazy to do my own training, I became more procrastinating on whatever things I planned to carry out. I find out I have been keep changing a lot for my days in army. Something won't change is my courage, I can be confident now but I feel scared at times at anything that I do. I am someone who easily get affected by the people around me. Someone who can't stand firm, someone who always feel that he can't do well in anything that he does but he know what to do. I guess I have been locking myself up in my comfort zone for too long.
Person who have been relying too much on the people around him. Someone who always feel tired but I search from the website and it said that people who are happy in their life will never feel tired. I am in doubt of whether I am living a life that I enjoy now or I am still adapting to it. I personally feel there is too much changes in me, my adaptation changes, my life changes, I feel happy yet unhappy. I always ask for time and I believe time will show, time will tell me the answer but I guess I am wrong. Time will tell you the answer when you know what you want. I know there is definitely more to tell and is all about mood and the mood come from the amount of rest I can get.

Tired is my weakness and I believe it became my excuses too, I shall take action from now on.
The first step I am going to do is I will fixed my time to sleep from 11pm-6am.
This will be my goal for everyday.

Reflection is the power to perform.

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