Monday, October 27, 2014

New interest new mind

Woke up again with a new things running in my brain
Curious in finding how much does it take to buy a new HDB flat.
As all the curiosity happen to run pass my mind, the only thing that can provide me all the answer is INTERNET, so I went do research about it.

This is what I managed to find,
4 Room HDB flat approximately $450k in future
Down Payment of approximately $85k is required
Monthly installment of $800~ $1k within 20~35 years

Then, it slowly diverted me to personal loan, education loan, car loan, renovation loan & etc.
I manage to know more & curious about how to be a successful engineer...

Everyday worried and complaint about my life ....
Guess is time to do something about it

I always plan, never execute because I became lazy always come up with new excuses.
I planned too much and I forget how to execute anymore because doing things no longer within what I am doing now. I am more of a person who just need to use mouth and get things done now.
I forget how to hands on anymore, I am only able plan better and even better.
There is a lot of changes to be done and I just realise I am not coping well now and there is a need to do something about it.

From now on, no complain allowed
Other than tolerating all kind of nonsense
Knowing too many things created problems, therefore it is best to know lesser sometimes.

It is my life and I have allowing it to change me instead of claiming back of what I want to do in my life.
"It" refer to the people around me, the environment , the "SYSTEM" that had created in the country.
How far can you see?

It is amazing if you start to aim it now.

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