Thursday, April 3, 2014

A discovery about myself

Just a short description about myself....
After going to Brunei for the Jungle Confident Course (JCC) & didn't manage to get the badge due to the last hour of firing off a blank...
The one that impacted me so much in the entire oversea training in Brunei
Everything was fine & was good until the last hour before the assessment....
I would say JCC is definitely nothing to me even with the rains when I am in the jungle ,it is the last shot that was out, that really make me couldn't forget about it.

This is what I discovered in myself,
I know what it is, I know what to do but when I am doing it, I don't really think while I am doing and I forget what is supposed to be done
Sometimes I think that I know, but actually I don't know
I am always "not on the ball"
I feel that I got a bit of autistic
I feel that my reaction really is slow

Then as you keep found the negatives in you, you will just keep pulling yourself down
Don't forget to always look back & identify more of the good things you have done, succeeded
If not you will just enter into the self-destruction mode & it is mentally unhealthy
So after all....
I think I just want to be more of myself
Can't wait for commissioning/ORD/University Graduation/Work
Civilian life.....

Now is to just relax & enjoy my long holidays from 31/3/2014 to 10/4/2014

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