Monday, April 7, 2014

Har ^^

History remain as history but there is definitely good & bad 
Good ; If you were to learn something, gain knowledge not only about the things that you are interested to do that you want to do but also gain knowledge about yourself
Bad ; If you are still looking back at those sad moment, feel sad & never get over it

Since it happened in a blog,
this shall be mention in blog too
I accidentally saw your old blog & I got curious 
So I went to dig, search & find your history
Since I have the courage to read it, look at it
I will have the courage to accept what it is in the past

Instead of feeling sad, I felt unfortunate that we didn't meet earlier.
Look at the young age of you, so adorable >,<
Take more care of your face & maintain okay?
Now, this is one thing that wish what you said is really what you mean that's you already forget what it is
(sorry to mention/remind you about your history)
I don't know if there is still anything that could remind you of him
Hope not & I am doing good to overwrite him in your memory

Actually I have no idea why I am becoming what I am now
But I pretty like & super enjoy who am I after I am back from Brunei
I am cheating myself that I am your first but actually I am not & I should be more willing accept the fact of your past
I read some & saw that the reason why your r/s failed.
I once said that people used to relate other story to their r/s
So instead of reading or finding out about other people story 
I am reading your story & find what's going wrong
I saw you mention something that's regarding your character or attitude 
But not pretty sure in detail what's that
Just hope that you learn from your mistake okay?

Don't worry too much because your boy this time round is different
He will not let you walk through this alone, you are never alone :)

Purpose for this post :
I believe you didn't want to delete that blog is because there is a lot of good memories of your friends compared to your sad story
I felt grateful as your boy to see those best friends of yours accompanying you to get over those sad moments, I felt like saying a thank you to them

About me :
I am changing so fast that I couldn't even know if it is a good or bad thing
I hope it is a good thing for you & for us 
Among so many changes, I like it the most is what I am today
An ultra optimistic guy who is filled with confident
(Add on) I like communicating & talk to people ,even a strangers *
Communicate easily, differently or maybe I would say much better to anyone else compared to the past
I really really like what I am today 
Now, this is one thing I afraid of 
That's I will be changing again, maybe back to the quiet side,pessimistic & "Sian" mode
I hope not because I have never ever felt so self-confident & positive before

During sec sch, people used to type those important part at the last part ....
hahaha those are really a memory
So I am going to do it also this time round :p

3 more days to
Our 1.8333333* Anniversary tgt :D


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