Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Can't deny that today will be the day
I am back to a solider mode rather than a man who can live so freely in a civilian life.

Yesterday before the holidays end, talked to my girl & get to know about myself more.
I realize cadet in OCS is all about self-reflection & of cause a relationship as well, this 2 years of my life might be a waste of time but I guess not, this 2 years will be the time I study about myself & make changes in me now before it could affect the rest of my life.

People used to say this,
"If you don't solved those small problem, then it will accumulate & become a big problem."
Then when you realize it, it is too late to solve it

Just a short post before I back to camp,
I hope everyday everything will get better & better 
It is never easy to be what it takes now until it is over

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