Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy 5th Month Anniversary

Days together is fast.... and there we are, it is our 5th month anniversary
Recalling what are the things i have gave her since we are together.......

11/3/2013 .... Days we get together, holding hand, sending her home

13/3/2013 .... It was her B'day, she got a small celebration at Haji Lane.I bought a flower, asked help from Daniel to send me to the place, wanted to surprise her 12am sharp at the restaurant that she is celebrating, asking the waiter to bring the flower to her & at the same time make her feel good in front of her friends, but PLAN FAILED! hahaha~ So I bought that flower and wait down her house surprised her and gave her my first kiss :)

1st~ 11/4/2013 .... One day before I delivered breakfast for her at 7.30am to surprise her before i went to work
(Busiest day for both of us)

2nd~ 11/5/2013 .... Together going a short trip to Batam and bought a couple T top

3rd~ 11/6/2013 .... Bought her a couple watch that i bought in KL

4th~ 11/7/2013 .... Bought her a packet of sweets and write her a letter, secretly left on her house table

5th~ 11/8/2013 .... Trips to Batu Pahat, bought her 5 piece of small cake, left it on the study table covered with newspaper cheering her up for the upcoming exam
(This time round she wrote me back a letter) :D

Present and Surprise become lesser & lesser...... Gifts become smaller & smaller & I just hope is not because of the price of the gift matter and is the heart of all those small little gift and things that is expressed on every letter i wrote to her.....

Letter was nothing valuable to you now, but after 20~30years later, u took it out and you recall.... you will realise how precious is all this letter to you :)
Feel it when my Mom suddenly show me all the letter she kept which my both sisters and I wrote to her during her b'day, father b'day,Mother's day & Father's day when we are very young

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