Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long weekend ~

It was Hari Raya and National day~
Booking out at 12pm on wednesday until monday 8pm ~
HAHA~ Long holidays during army~

What a good news i got when i back home & my mum strike first prize of my bike number at night.
So she pay for all my spending for the Batu Pahat trip ~
Day 1 ~ whole family went to pray and have seafood near the temple
Day 2 ~ Having indian food in the morning and went to UK Goat farm
Keep eating and eating ! HAHAH!!!

Most importantly ..... Something happen on the trip.....
I did something stupid, hurt my girlfriend....
It was on the bus while we all waiting to reach the customs, my gf ask me to accompany her because she is Singapore Passport and will need to form up different row, take longer time to go through the passport counter....But when we reached the customs i saw this empty row counter with the light off and there was no Queue so i went to try if there row is able to go through, then i manage to go through......but.... i forgotten my girlfriend who has left alone behind .....that moment when i look back at her, alone Queuing out there i realise, i break her promise, i leave her alone......  even after she keep saying please while we are on the bus....the excitement displayed on her , her smile, the moment of happiness and joy.... all gone ~ it have all left with a very disappointed and sad expression on her face.....
Seating on the bus to Gelang Patah her face display anger,sadness,disappointment & i did try to say sorry even though i know sorry does not cure...
I never forget she told me this...... " U TRY LOR" ( Leaving her behind alone the long Queue at the custom )
She was very angry..... she..... tears......  :(

Looking at her at the moment i feel so hurt i blame myself why did my memory so bad, why do my reaction so slow? WHY??!!
Just feel disappointed in myself~
Telling myself not to make this kind of mistake again~

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