Friday, August 23, 2013

Live firing + Army talk + Emotional !!!~

This week was a tiring week whole day continuously 2 days firing from 7am-10pm and a cleaning riffle from 9am-8pm..
Live firing was interesting and fun but the waiting time was like "WTF?" , Lucky there was a "ninja van"? they named it to sell us tidbits,drinks & etc.... And i 2 days chiong-ing the roller coaster that look like a ring shape tidbits.... Felt like it have affect my 2.4km performance..Sigh~

Army talk was held on this week, Navy & Air force....
$$$ was so exciting and attractive, the bonus that we are going to get if signing on, the rank that will be promoted every year no matter what in order to let the others to get promoted too so you must be promoted .... the system is like good because every increment of rank, your salary also increment.

Was thinking of signing on so that NS can give me scholarship to study Uni, stable life, high income.A super stable job, they will always offer more than what it is in the market price for a degree or diploma holder.
Having said about all this, duno is because of this that got me act so diff now .....
because of the topic of signing on it causes the misunderstanding, a sudden bad headache to her.

To be frank, the feeling now i felt is like i am having a null bullet that is a empty bullet shell that is no bullet to be use to shoot.
I suddenly have the tot of getting a even better gf? More Sexy & pretty? Or maybe to get some "Service"?
Duno why? Maybe is because i have the tot of signing on?
Then with the amount of money i can do all these type of shit?
But why? Why did i even have the tot like this? Is there a reason behind all these?
I guess i always wanted a sexy & pretty girlfriend or maybe wife like those car model our there?

Before all these, she hugged me and she cried, saying she maybe causes by the upcoming exam stress, but why? Real reason behind it, is it actually the missing thing she mention in our r/s?
She fear of me going ocs, because of the missing thing tat is not inside our r/s & she worried that she cannot take it, the 9 month training for me , not able to really talk to me , accompany.
She gave me a feel that although we are close but we are actually very far apart, we dont know what the hell each other is thinking about.....

She mention about taking a break in our r/s, at first i tot was a break up but luckily it was not. But from what i see, my friends who have mention about taking a break in the r/s usually dont end up well, plus i already felt that this r/s is not gg well just that i nvr voice out so i might worry that it will not have a good outcome....

Is it normal to be like this?
Is it normal that every time i talk to her, she give me those replies those reaction that was so boring, express a 0% interest in what i am talking about?
Wanted to hug her when i see her, she just walk pass me...
Wanted to hug her before she board the train, she just walk away...
I tot she would have know hugging at the start and at the end is the regular thing to be done?

Maybe this is r/s? ......

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